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AOVEOnew Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(acidity below  0,2º)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% from certified organic farms,

where no chemical treatments nor pesticides are applied.

Superior quality olive oil obtained directly from olives and only using mechanical processes.

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is respectful of the environment and nature.

This makes growth and harvesting difficult, reducing considerably the production of olive oil,

but gives rise to a product that is much purer and has the organic product certification from the European Union.

This olive oil is obtained from the first cold press. It has an acidity below 0,2º, a good intensity and an incomparable taste.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

USES: Can be used for domestic uses or in food industry, directly in salads, mayonnaise, sauces, etc. or in frying, stews or roasts.

It is used in the food processing industry for the manufacture of preserves, sauces, margarines, etc.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store away from sources of heat and protect from sunlight.

MOST USED PACKAGED PRESENTATIONS: We are a leading company in the packaging of olive oil.

We are present in five continents, in more than 70 countries that trust our products.

Our range of packaged products is very extensive and we can accommodate to the requirements of most customers and markets.

Our high quality standards, large production capacity and long standing experience of more than 50 years,

makes us one of the benchmarks for the best food distribution companies in the world.

The most frequently used packaged presentations for the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the following:

  Opaque or transparent Glass  




  PET Packaging  



One of our strengths relies on our ability to transport bulk oils in large volumes.

We provide industrial presentations that range from drums of 200Kg, to totes (IBC) of 1000L.

For bulk transport we provide from flexitank to large road or ship tankers.



See other formats of interest:   



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